Who are we and why did we open a clothing shop?

Vestya Shop is an artist-run, print on demand shop based on sustainable principles and created to help us all become more conscious creators and consumers. It was created and is currently run by Diana Matoso aka Ds WAY, an artist designer who from an early age developed awareness for environmental matters.

Our main motivation for opening a wear shop was the realisation that the Fashion industry is responsible for 8-10% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and the difficulty in finding alternative solutions. Other problems we identified and try to answer:

  • How can we buy new clothes in a sustainable way;
  • Where to buy directly from artists and support their art;
  • How can we reduce the fashion industry carbon emissions;
  • What can be a greener alternative for expensive slow fashion clothes;
  • How can we decrease the amount of online order returns by customers;
  • How to find and acquire affordable, customizable clothes (size, colour, shape…).

We aim to create a brand that is not only a shop but also a platform for the discussion and promotion of sustainable alternatives in the clothing industry where eco-friendly items can be customised and acquired. For this, we:

  • Created a print on demand online wear shop, where only ordered products are produced;
  • Work with certified sustainable manufacturers and high quality eco-friendly materials only;
  • Offer shipping carbon offset to minimise the impact of deliveries and possible returns;
  • Offer an array of all inclusive products, sizes and colours for customization ;
  • Keep transparency and honesty about supply chain and practices;
  • Produce some collections in small batches or on a pre-order basis;
  • Offer artists & designers a platform for their art sales;
  • Promote sustainability and conscious consumption.

In the long term, we aim to further develop a circular economy by creating proactive social groups, searching for local producers, expanding our catalogue to sell upcycled items and work with other artists and designers. If you wish to get involved, please get in touch!

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