Movimento Gaio, Carbon Offset Partners

Movimento Gaio is a non profit association of water & oxygen planters, working on the conservation and repopulation of native trees in Serra da Freita, Aveiro, Portugal.

In August 2020 we joined them in one of their forest surveillances and also helped watering one of their regeneration land projects. It was a beautiful and humble experience to see their dedication, learn from them and we really recommend you getting involved in their initiatives if you’re around!

When we decided to open an online clothes shop, we knew how important it was to think about carbon offset ways, so that our business is aligned with our ecological values. We then decided that a simple and effective way to do it would be to donate 15% of each sale’s profit to a trustworthy organisation working on environmental preservation and regeneration. Because we aim to foment circular economy, we chose an association close to us and our heart, so for the next 12 months, each item you buy from Vestya Shop will help Movimento Gaio thrive and grow 💚

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