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We search for the most “clean” products possible, both in terms of their manufacture and the conditions under which they were produced. We have chosen our products based on their high quality and eco-friendly certification. They are all Vegan, printed using water-based inks and have the GOTS 5.0 label which certifies: use of Ecological dyeing; no pesticides, insecticides or GMOs used in its manufacture; and decent working conditions and wages for farmers and workers.

In our catalogue we offer products made of two different types of ecological textiles:

100% organic cotton: Cotton is a resource-hungry material (especially water) and its cultivation often involves the use of substances that are harmful to health (pesticides, insecticides and other chemicals). That’s why we choose to use a more sustainable alternative, Organic cotton which is a healthy crop that requires much less water consumption (on average 40 litres for a T-shirt compared with 2700 litres needed for other cotton). 

Recycled textiles: Fabric obtained by the reuse of fibres from clothing offcuts (in the case of recycled cotton) or by transforming non-renewable materials such as plastic bottles into (recycled polyester).

All in all we can say our products are made with love and care to last long.

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