Vestya Shop is an artist-run, online clothing shop based on sustainable principles, created to help us all become more conscious creators and consumers.

We care deeply for the earth’s health and want to raise awareness about the environmental issues of the fast fashion industry by creating sustainable alternatives and promoting a wise style of consumption and fair business model.

Sustainable Shop Model

Our production is done by print on demand meaning that products are created only when ordered, reducing waste to a minimum.

Certified Eco Products

Our products have been chosen for their high quality and eco-friendly certification, they're made with love and care to last long.

Original Designs

Our designs are originally drawn by artists and we are always looking for new collaborators to share their art with us.



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Tote Bags

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24 products


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Fitted Cut

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Straight Cut

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Cigi Pal Crew Collection

"Cigi Pal Chess" Hoodie Dress
"Cigi Pal Bom Dia" Child T-shirt
"Cigi Pal Wiz" Fitted T-shirt
"Cigi Pal Nacho" Recycled Tote Bag
"Cigi Pal Nacho" Hoodie
"Cigi Pal Ergo" Hoodie
"Cigi Pal Bee" Child T-shirt
"Cigi Pal Play" T-shirt

Nature Nurturers Collection

"FitIN" Tote Bag
"Flower Mandala" Pouch
"uPsiDeDoWN" Tote Bag
"FitIN" Pouch
"Flower Mandala" Zip Hoddie [back only print]
"Gratitude" Hoodie Dress
"uPsiDeDoWN" T-shirt
"Gratitude" Child T-shirt
Celebrating our 1st round around the sun

Celebrating our 1st round around the sun

Today marks a significant milestone for Vestya Shop as we celebrate our first round around the sun since launching in…

Wishing all a… New Year

We want to take this opportunity to thank all our friends and supporters who have helped us in photoshoots, bought…

Winter Solstice

˟͙‧̩̥·•̥̩̥͙·‧̩̥‧·͙̥̣*̣̥  We’re wishing everyone a peaceful and grounding Winter Solstice ˟͙‧̩̥·•̥̩̥͙·‧̩̥‧·͙̥̣*̣̥  To celebrate this special time, we’re delighted to announce…

Creative Nature Nurturers Call Out

This #EarthDay we wish to call out all nature lovers and creative minds to help us raise awareness about the…

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